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    A rash wine Jingzhi representative on the auction platform
    Time:2012-09-07  Posted By:The Pingxiang City Thiel Ceramic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  Attention: 7867

        In August 26th, Beijing Rong Bao limited auction held at the Asian Hotel in Beijing Shandong Jingzhi wine special auction. China sesame flavor Liquor -- "a representative Jingzhi Jumbo bottle " success, a sesame baby bottle is a 200000 yuan of income in the capsule. It is reported, the auction a total of 1360000 yuan turnover.

        " The phenomenon of " social pursuit

        Since the beginning of the year, a famous Qi price or volume, ultra high-end liquor is aloof potential, high-end wine auction is disappear from the scene. At this time, to the representative of Lu liquor leader contrarian up, in order to perfect the quality and personalized positioning has been accepted by the market, the successful holding of thematic auction is that the return of the king of Lu wine.

        ' " a bottle of wine Jingzhi treasures ' special auction, is Rong Bao Zhai since 2009 launched the first" national liquor Moutai " auction subject after the second auction, is interested in Shandong Jingzhi wine ' China sesame flavor originator ' national status, superb technology, brilliant culture and value to the collection. " Beijing Rong Bao auction companies Manager Mr. Wang Wei as " the phenomenon is explained ".

       " Pay attention, pay attention to the cultural origin of liquor, more sophisticated matching! " The Shandong liquor brands to advance a member of the Commission puncture a fallacy with one remark. It is reported, the auction house auction of 19 Treasures Collection wines ( Jingzhi Shannon sesame ), the famous porcelain ( Taishan Lu Qing porcelain ), division ( national artist ) in a collection of Chinese culture, refine on liquor, is scarce classic masterpiece, many famous brands elements become the biggest bright spot.

        The film is Shandong Jingzhi wine like the famous liquor, love art collection to create a collection of ideas and wine culture and investment in one of the high-end financial type liquor. From the collection of " wine " to collect " wine culture promotion art ", is the Shandong Jingzhi liquor a new pioneering work, created a collection of Chinese liquor new ideas, new channels, new market, China's historical and cultural famous classic, believe thereafter will cause more wine enterprises to follow suit.

        Accumulate steadily, boosting the value promotion

        For a long time, rash wine to low-end impression, but familiar with Lu wine lovers know, rash wine which has good wine, rise again is just a matter of time. Fortunately, the wait too long, Shandong Jingzhi liquor sesame flavor liquor taste Jingzhi Hengkong born, with beautiful packaging, personalized flavor, unique taste and rich culture, immediately to the all-powerful force changed the people tradition of previous idea. 2010 October, Shandong Jingzhi wine will taste the luxuries price in 1000 yuan of above, price than Moutai, Wuliangye, shaping of Lu wine benchmark value. In this way, rash wine industry position suddenly soared, strong regression, is one of the second famous camp.

        Face result, Jingzhi wine tall seems in more of a chess game -- with superb sesame technology and a strong culture, for the successful building an exclusive personalized collection type liquor liquor, improve financial attributes, let "wine bank " into reality.

        In the effort and attention, that represents the current liquor of the highest technological level of one product Jingzhi Jumbo bottle was finally exposed face, with wine, porcelains, teacher in one immediately triggered the whole town turns out to., for Lu liquor future development and develop high-end market break out of a road that belongs to oneself. No wonder there are people in the industry said: " look at the future of wine. "

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