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Sword Achiever is part of the Sword Group, an international Consulting, Service and Software company driving global leaders in their digital & technology transformation. Created in November 2000, the group has a current headcount of 1300+ staff operating in more than 50 countries. The Sword Group offers its customers comprehensive and integrated responses, on both the strategic approach and the execution.

Sword Achiever is a leader in Governance, Compliance and regulatory software, whose customers rely on both AchieverPlus and Sword Policy Manager software products to address multiple areas of Governance, Compliance and Policy Management within their organisations across the globe.


Our Background

Sword Achiever is a global leading software provider that is used by Fortune 500 companies and organisations in highly regulated industries across the world to manage their Governance, Risk and Compliance software requirements. Sword Achiever solutions are recognised by leading analysts such as Gartner and GRC20/20 as being a Global Leader for Governance, Risk and Compliance software.

With clients and offices across the globe, Sword Achiever has a proven track record of uniquely providing business management software solutions since 1993.


Sword Policy Manager Solution

Sword Policy Manager revolutionises the way organisations manage and administer policies and procedures throughout the entire lifecycle. Simplifying and automating the task of writing, sharing, updating and attesting to policies, ensuring your organization is meeting legal and regulatory requirements through effective policy management. Available on a range of platforms, Sword Policy Manager is an easy to use system is designed to help the policy owner improve their operational efficiencies, deliver evidence of policy communication and understanding, and ultimately therefore limiting their corporate liability. 

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AchieverPlus Software Solution

AchieverPlus provides a unified Governance and Compliance platform, across the enterprise, delivering governance through the application of best practice; adherence to multiple areas of compliance management with a single integrated system, providing role-based access, fast user take-up and effective transparency and control across the business.

AchieverPlus is also capable of managing adherence to multiple legislative, regulatory and best practice demands. Because AchieverPlus is fast to deploy and easy to manage, customers realise immediate benefit, and return on investment. To date, AchieverPlus software addresses 38+ areas of legislative, regulatory and best practice requirements within the GRC framework.

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