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Monday, March 5, 2018

Sword Policy Manager now available for global markets

Herndon, VA, USA, and Melbourne, Australia, 5th March 2018 – Sword Active Risk a supplier of specialist risk management software and services, is adding Policy Management Software to its range of cloud-based products, as it extends its reach to support the governance and compliance requirements of its customers.  

Sword Policy Manager allows organizations to demonstrate corporate responsibility and implement a defensible compliance programme by allowing the entire lifecycle of policies and procedures to be measured and attested. Sword Policy Manager stores the latest version of all documents centrally, with a full audit trail for changes made to policies and procedures, so that organizations can clearly demonstrate compliance and good governance, something that can be challenging particularly in highly regulated industries. Sword Policy Manager is a simplistic and adaptable system allowing straightforward communication of policies and procedures to staff.

Salman Rauf, Head of Sales at Sword Achiever commented; "We are seeing global supply chains that are increasingly complex and require companies to adhere to stringent compliance regulations. Policy Management Software is a natural addition to the Active Risk family of solutions. It extends the product offering into the area of governance and compliance, two disciplines that complement overall, governance support."

Rauf continues; "Organizations often lack a co-ordinated enterprise strategy for policy creation, maintenance, communication, attestation and training. Policies are critical to the organization as they establish boundaries of behaviour for individuals, processes, relationships and transactions. An ad-hoc approach to policy management exposes the organization to significant liability.  With our policy management software, you can go paperless with a fully searchable, online resource that automatically distributes documents, gathers approvals, attests and tracks readership for your organization’s most important policies and procedures."

Sword Achiever was included in the Top 25 Compliance Solution Providers 2017 as compiled by CIO Magazine.

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