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Often, an organisation’s intranet seems to be a sufficient answer to dealing with policies and procedures. Employees can access the intranet with ease, and documents can be updated and replaced relatively quickly. But, demonstrating compliance and best practice to auditors and regulators is becoming one of the biggest challenges facing organisations, along with managing the significant number of policies and procedures and communicating these to staff. Proactive management of the processes around policies, procedures, guidelines, or other critical documents is essential in order to demonstrate good governance and mitigate liability against your organisation and/or employees. The intranet lacks key policy management features, and is simply no longer sufficient…

Key policy management features can be broken down into 4 key areas:

  • Creating Policies: A Policy Management System should enable you to write, review, and approve policies quickly and easily.
  • Communicating Policies: Following creation of a policy, it should be easily communicated to staff. Publication, training, attestation and acknowledgement of the policy should be monitored using one system.
  • Continuous management of Policies: The policy library should be easily accessed, and consistently enforced and maintained. A robust search engine should allow you to retrieve, email, and manage version control of policies.
  • Continuous maintenance of Policies: Policies should be regularly reviewed, updated, tested and archived when appropriate, and automated email reminders should be in place as a prompt.

Traditional approaches of managing policies and procedures using the Intranet or other manual methods are simply not adequate in today’s heavily regulated environment. Policy Management Software should be used as an administrative tool throughout an enterprise or network, helping you to control and monitor the entire lifecycle of your Policies and Procedures.

Sword Achiever streamlines the way organisations manage policies; our Policy Management System simplifies and automates the tasks of writing, sharing, updating and attesting to policies, ensuring your organisation is meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

To find out more, download our Policy Management Brochure, or view our online demo.

By Kate Passby at 29 Mar 2017, 10:26 AM

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