Achiever Plus

AchieverPlus compliance software solutions are modular and flexible management systems designed specifically to address the needs of businesses aiming for regulations compliance and business improvement.

AchieverPlus helps organisations achieve consistency in the management of information, through the more efficient use of resources and application of systems, and the opportunity to introduce accountability, to ensure that any issues that arise are resolved and do not reoccur.

Address the compliance requirements of:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 22000
  • ISO 14001
  • OHS 181001

And easily manage, track and report your quality metrics and processes within one unified solution that contains:

  • Document Control
  • Audit Management
  • Issue and CAPA
  • Competency and Awareness
  • Incidents & Accidents
  • Supplier Management
  • Risk Management
  • Performance Management
  • Meetings Management


Policy Manager

Policy management is the approach that is used by organizations to establish policies to deal with operating rules, general guidance, compliance or legal requirements, that can be referred to as a way of maintaining order, security and consistency - rather than having to make decisions on a case by case basis.

Policy Management Software benefits both small teams and localized policies; to global workforces of thousands of employees that require policies to be published, communicated, acknowledged and tested.

Sword Policy Manager is an intuitive software platform that modernizes how organizations communicate policies to employees across its operations. With Sword Policy Manager, policies are easily created, communicated, accessible, maintained, attested & audited across all platforms in one easy to use solution.

Sword Policy Managers simple & intuitive user experience will engage front-line employees, executive management, and the board. Allowing organizations to demonstrate corporate responsibility and a defensible compliance program.

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